A look at Top four Varieties of Silk

There is something sophisticated and magical about Silk. A lady draped in silk saree looks a class apart. It shows her rich taste in life. It is the reason that it the first choice when it comes to special occasion like wedding and engagement where the center of attraction is the bride. All of you are familiar with Silk but do you know what are the top four kind of silk used for making fabrics, if your answer is no then here we take you to a wonderful silk spinning journey.

1 Angora Silk:
It got its name from the Angora rabbit.  The yarn is famous for its warmth hence comes up as the top choice for winter apparels. The main producers of the yarn are China, Chile and United States. The Angora sweaters, jackets and shawl are a perfect choice for ceremonies taking place in chilling cold night. It will not only keep you warm but will brilliantly match with your attire.

indian silk sarees

2 Art Silk:
Known as artificial silk, it brought a revolution in the field of fabric. It is seen as blessing for people who cannot buy expensive pure silk apparels. The best of example of it is the Azlon and Nylon.  The three essentials of artificial silk are polyester, rayon and mercerized cotton. You will easily come across Sarees, Salwar suits made from art silk in the market. The apparel made from art has the same look as that of pure silk, so only an expert can differentiate.

traditional silk sarees

3    Banarasi Silk:
The famous Banarasi silk has its root from the holy city of Banaras.  It’s a majestic symbol of Mughal artistry. The real silver & gold threads give the outfits the impeccable royal touch that is hard to miss.   It is the reason Banarsi saree is hot favorite of women in parties and get-togethers where they want to make a royal statement. Further, the eye caching variety in design makes it an exciting option like Janla saris has heavy look that makes it perfect choice for festival wear. The Tissue version is a combination of Zari and silk. The Butidar saree has a unique combination of dark & light hues that gives an attractive texture to the apparel.

silk sarees online

4 Bangalore Silk:
It has got its name from the tech city Bangalore. The silk is painstakingly manufactured in silk farm of Bengaluru. The yarns are derived from Mulberry Silkworms, the temperature of the city is just ideal for the breeding and cultivation of silk warms. The sarees have the striking silk embroidery that gives it a dazzling look to the attire. Bangalore Silk saris are expensive, so are seen as good choice for festival wear. To attract the young brigade, versions of apparels are in market that has colorful stone and bead works.
wedding silk sarees
These are the top four variety of silk that are used for making sarees, Salwar Suits and warm apparels like  jacket, pullover and shawls. Knowledge of them will surely help you to get the best one.


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