4 Cool Tips on Wearing & Flaunting a Backless Blouse

In spite of the huge variety of western outfits, saree remains the first choice of Indian women when it comes to choosing the attire for a special occasion like wedding and festivals. The fashion designers on their part are coming up with innovative version of the traditional attire like gown style and ready to wear sarees that make it constantly remain in the limelight. The design is not just limited to saree only, but also the blouse. Visit any event, you will see ladies proudly flaunting their designer blouse.

The design of the blouse plays a vital role in determining the look of the wearer.  The design should be chosen according to the taste, personality and occasion. As the festivals and wedding season are approaching ladies are taking inspiration from fashion designers for designer blouse.

One such design that is extremely famous with ladies is backless blouse. A lady wearing it instantly attracts attention. It is a hit with young women who love to flaunt their sexy back. No other attire can beat the glamour of a backless saree blouse. In case, you are planning to flaunt sexy backless saree blouse with a designer saree then here are 4 cool tips on wearing and flaunting a backless blouse. Following these will make you look stunning.

1 Pleated Pallu:
When putting Pallu, go for a thin pleat as it easily show your blouse. The other option is to drape the Pallu lightly and pin it neatly over the shoulders.

2 Accessorize Wisely:
With backless blouse use accessories intelligently, make sure that the accessories that you wear doesn’t in interfere with the design of the blouse. For example, a tassel of your necklace hanging at the back will spoil your look. You will never want that accessories should spoil the Latkans and Dori used as a corset in your backless blouse.

3 Chose Undergarments Intelligently:
Well, you cannot go with a regular bra beneath backless blouse. The right advice here would be to add cups or blouse pads to your blouse. It will not spoil the look. For this, talk to your designer or tailor. If you are planning to go with plastic bras straps then also think twice as it too don’t look gracious with sari blouse.

4 Get the Right Length:
It is very important that the blouse should be of the right length, both from the front and back. The ideal length in front would be that it should end below the breast.

Ladies, follow these magnificent four tips to become the center of the attraction. Apart from these you need to make sure that your back looks radiant. If you have hairs on the back then go for waxing.  Use foundation of the same shade you are planning to apply on face. If you find it difficult to do yourself then visit a beauty parlor. After few beauty sessions, you will have a back that you can proudly show off from your backless blouse.


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