5 tips to beat the world with Sari Fashion

Latest fashion trend has always been the most inspiring medium that Indian women use to get jazzy during the wedding season. From the saris to the jewelry, everything carries the flavor of fashion trend. We tell you top 5 Inspirations from the fashion designers that have made it to the wedding circuit in India on a regular basis.

1 Magic of the sleeveless blouse:

Sleeveless during the wedding evening can stir the atmosphere with a lot of excitement and dazzling thrill of wearing a beautiful sari. Go sleeveless with black chiffon, sparkling with mirror work and pearl embellishments. You can experiment with a backless version as well, if you are confident that you have got a body that you can flaunt in the circuit. Saris for a wedding can be a little tricky if you go for a wedding sari wearing the sleeveless version on a cotton blend. It may not give you the look that you want, especially during the day time. Moreover, be extra careful with the cuts and the stitching you sport with the wedding saris.

 wedding saree with sleeveless blouse

2 The dash of red and yellow:

Red is synonymous with the Indian wedding circuit. Indian saris worn on wedding nights have a celebratory dash of red in them. The modern day fabrics carry an attractive assortment of colors, but red is one shade that pops out like the Sun. Inspired from the movies of the year, it still continues to be the dream attire for most Indian brides. Red with golden border with broad Pallu is synonymous with the Indian wedding. Without your red wedding sari, it is bound to give you a feeling that marriage never actually happened!!!

3 Never complete without the Silk saris:

Weddings can’t be imagined without the gorgeous silk saris. From the Kanjeevram to Benarasi, every silk sari worn on the wedding is a visual treat. Most women prefer to wear the silk saris as they have a shiny finish and are comfortable on the skin. Moreover, owing to the hot ambience, silk saris allow the skin to breath. Further, don’t cause irritation and discomfort. We recommend that you stick to pastel shades and lighter fabrics available in silk if you are celebrating a nuptial in the months of summer.

silk saree4 Buy from the designer:

Original designs are worth the price they demand. No local designer can match the elegance of the original version. No matter how hard you try, the copied style with a dash of embroidery and jewelry, nothing can beat the excitement of wearing the smartly stitched and draped wedding saris. Just like the one worn by actress on screen, the designer saris for the wedding can bring the whole world to its knees. Only thing you need is the right attitude to carry it. If not, at least have the imagination to buy it from the original designer.

5 Discard the convention:

Wedding saris can be worn with abundant charm and poise. Go Western by topping your sari with a crown or a snake-skin wrap around your waist. You can also choose a sharp pencil-stick heel to accentuate your frame.


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