Top 3 Lehenga Saree styles

India is one destination that always reels in festivals and welcoming them and auspicious dates by wearing new dress and decking up in the most amazing way is one way to celebrate the prosperity in life. Indian lehenga and choli with saree designs make up a very formidable collection that any woman would want to own in her wardrobe. Its time to tick the level and raise the bar higher with the designs that are stitched to kill.

Lehenga is a very expensive dress and wearing it takes an attitude that is hard to beat. It offer s excellent flexibility in terms of styling and blending with the festive mood. We take a look at top 5 draping styles that make Lehenga top fashion style.

1 The draping from the Coorg

Coorg is an historical site in southern part of India. Though, lehenga is essentially a north Indian attire, giving it a regional twist makes the dress an awesome collection. Coorgi style of draping a lehenga is a variation from the original saree concept. It is an uniformly drapped attire that brings one pallu corner and pin it to the opposite shoulder, ideally the left one. It gives a cocoon wrap around the body which can be pleated into many smaller pleats to give it a folded look. It gives a royal touch as the lehenga is set to pleat using pins. Always pleat your way above from the bottom on the left corner. It will give you an uniform appeal and also ensure that you can attach a classic broach in the front. For a sizzling appeal, take the lehenga to the waist and showcase those rippling abs that you earned in the gym. You can choose to keep the drape in a flowing manner of just tuck it into your waist if you don’ want to keep the pallu falling and not touch the ground. You can choose to embellish the look with broach in a stone form or in a metallic form. Always keep your hands free when drapping this style of lehenga.

2 Rajasthani style

An engaging designer style that has taken everybody by surprise. Recent exposure in the Bollywood films has suddenly pushed rajasthani style of blending saree with lehenga style with utter disdain. Smooth fabrics and rich colors embellished with mirror work and sequins makes Rajasthani Lehenga saree a royal treat to follow in every festive and party circuit.

3 Saree blended with Lehenga

Unusual combination, considering the fact that saree is more established traditional attire and lehenga is a more urban setting. Lehenga stlye drapped with a touch of saree wrap can create a magic spell when done with the right stuffs. The cross breed is so original in its concept that people often confuse that it is a heavier form of saree drapping. Small pleats turned inwards around your waist will give it a more comfortable look and would ensure that the petticoat borders don’t show up in case you just stand up to have a dance feat. Making a lehenga look just as elegant as a saree is indeed a form of art that requires practice and fun mood.


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