Fashionable Plus Size Clothing Tips for Women

There is absolutely no harm in being the plus-size women. If Marilyn Monroe is to be quoted, “To all girls who think you’re fat just because you aren’t size zero; remember you are undoubtedly the beautiful ones, believe it’s the outlook of society that’s ugly.” So this quote precisely puts it clearly that all you women with plus size figure are beautiful! Now that you know this; let us come to the concern of finding the trendy, diva-style plus size clothing for you. First of all, realize that just because your figure is not like the one you find in women’s magazine; does not mean that you cannot dress up like them. Here are a few undemanding suggestions that will help you find the relevant and chic plus size clothing.


Find out your body type before finding the right dress

There precisely are four kinds of body types in your group and these are-

  • Rectangular Plus Size: Women with same size in the upper as well as lower portion.
  • Hour Glass Plus Size: Whoa! You have the curves at the right place. So don’t worry because you are voluptuous AND balanced!
  • Pear Shape Plus Size: If you are heavy at the bottom and the waist line is smaller as well as more defined; this one is your body type.
  • Apple Shape Plus Size: This type of body has weight in the middle portion, bust line and waist line.

So, once you have known about your body type; you can simply understand and see what kind of clothing suits you! Check for the celebrities like your body type and you’ll know exactly how to dress up.

Hues and textures for you

A woman with the plus size needs to understand the right shades for her body. Bolder prints and large textures, for instance, will make you appears larger than what you really are. Perhaps God created the sexier shades like blood red, black, royal blue and violet for you beautiful women only. Go for these shades and you will look slimmer. The fact that these colors will never go out of trend is just a cherry on the pie! If however, you also want to experiment with the brighter hues; you may go for them according to your skin pitch. But one thing that you need to avoid is body-hugging clothes because they will always emphasize your wrong areas.

Look fashionable; have no regrets!

These days a lot of women with the plus size are spending money on looking fashionable, but the thing that you need to know is that the best attire you can always wear is confidence with the pleasant smile! The world is yours then. Have no regrets, look beautiful and explore within you that a fashionable women lives in this body! All you need to do is that apart from the wonderful clothing like designer saree and designer Anarkalis you should also work upon the personal looks. Classy hairdo, stylish shoes and a unique fashion sense will give you the wings to fly high; even if you are not size-zero!


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