Indian Designers Promoting Saris

Sari – the wonderful nine yard attire has been in fashion since decades. The upcoming designers are in very much love with this unstitched attire as it gives them vast opportunity to experiment with fabric.  This also means that it is going to stay in fashion. The new crop of Dress Designers very well understand the fashion sense of the current generation. They are continuously reinventing it to come up with gracious easy to wear forms. Today women are career centric, they like going out and work, so they need something that is light in weight, gracious and easy to carry. They also know that wearing skirts, tops and jeans will make them look smart but not beautiful. This is the reason you will see them dressed in social get together in saris.


Have you thought when most of the girl wear sari for the first time. The answer is in school farewell. School farewell gives everyone an opportunity to come dressed in their favorite attire. Here, you will notice 90% of the girls come wearing sari and majority of them are wearing it for the first time, such is the craze of saree with young generation.

Advent of designer Sari:

There was a time when designers were generally known for indo western or western collection. The scenario is completely changed today. They are taking much interest in designing the 6 to 9 yard attire. There are peoples like Sabyasachi who has created a niche for himself in the fashion by coming out with vintage style saris. His popularity can be judged from the fact that he owns numerous flagship stores around the world. Almost all divas of Bollywood from beautiful Aishwariya Rai Bacchan to voluptuous  Vidya Balan have been seen adoring his creation in various event. He has a special penchant for Khadi fabric, he blends it with velvet and net to come up with unique and captivating attires.


Ritu kumar is another renowned name in the world of fashion.  Her name is synonymous with this traditional Indian attire. She is known for using different techniques and experimenting with patterns and colors. She prefers Indian dyes, her crepe and georgette are the first choice of fashion loving girls. B-town actresses are seen adoring her outfits in movies and real life. Ritu has won numerous awards for the promotion of sari on global platform.   

Another famous designer duo Abraham & Thakore are known their creation of contemporary saris. These saris are different not only in terms of color but also drapes. You can judge their popularity by the fact that there work has been showcased in V&A museum London.

Thanks to these designers that saris have got fan following around the world. Famous Hollywood beauties, Hollywood singers and leading sports figure were seen dressed in this attire time and again. It is the creativity, effort and skill of the designers that this traditional unstitched outfit remains one of the most sought after apparel. They have constantly promoted the apparel, just because their effort it has emerged as a global garment.


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